I Can See It In Your Eyes, You’re Ready For Another Cards & Songs Post

I hate to let more than one day go by without posting something, but nothing in my drafts folder is ready to go… And that’s where these “Playlists and unrelated cards” posts come into play. I come up with a playlist theme, gather some images of cards, mix well, bake in a 375 degree oven for 8-10 minutes, and serve.

So today’s theme is songs with “eye” or “eyes” in the title. Normally this would be a Top 5 or Top 10 list, but there were so many songs I liked that I’m just dumping them out here…

Joe Shlabotnik’s Top 28 Songs With “Eye” In The Title (in alphabetical order):

Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
Brown-eyed Girl – Van Morrison
Cross-eyed And Painless – Talking Heads
Cross-eyed Mary – Jethro Tull
Drunk-eyed Waltz – The Health & Happiness Show
Ebony Eyes – Bob Welch
Eye Of The Hurricane – The Drongos
1972 Topps Mike Hegan
Eye Of The Storm – Sara Hickman
Eyes Of The World – Fleetwood Mac
Far Away Eyes – Rolling Stones
Four-eyed Girl – Rhett Miller
Greeneyed Lady – Sugarloaf
I Can See It In Your Eyes – Men At Work  (Ooooh, the “title track”)
Killer’s Eyes – The Kinks
1971 Topps Jerry Reuss
Lazy Eye – Hem
Lonesome Tears In My Eyes – The Beatles (“Live at the BBC” album)
Lyin’ Eyes – The Eagles
Narrow Your Eyes – They Might Be Giants
Old Red Eyes Is Back – The Beautiful South
One Long Pair Of Eyes – Robyn Hitchcock
Polka Your Eyes Out – “Weird Al” Yankovic
1984 Donruss Ray Knight
Rosalinda’s Eyes – Billy Joel
Sight For Sore Eyes – Aerosmith
Starry Eyes – The Records
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills & Nash
Temptation Eyes – The Grass Roots
The Story In Your Eyes – The Moody Blues
These Eyes – The Guess Who

…And I’m going to wrap this up with one card that is appropriate for the musical theme, the 1972 card of Ross “Crazy Eyes” Grimsley
1972 Topps Ross Grimsley

…and this is where you shake your head and rattle off the seven obvious songs I neglected to mention.  Give it to me with both barrels!

1979 Hostess Ross Grimsley; Weigh-in #15

This is one disturbing photo.  The frizzy hair and strange expression is bad enough, but if you look at his face, the blue of his very blue eyes matches the blue of the very blue sky, and it almost seems like you’re looking right through his head (You can see this more clearly if you click on the card image to enlarge it).

Ross Grimsley pitched for the Reds, Orioles, Expos and Indians during his 11 major league seasons.  After his rookie season in 1971, Topps selected him as the LHP on the Rookie All-Star team.  In 1978 he won 20 games for the Expos and was an All-Star.

Ross is about to begin his third season as the pitching coach for the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Giants’ AA affiliate.

Ross’  father, Ross Sr., pitched in 7 games for the 1951 Chicago White Sox.


I’m going to do the Topps Tracker post later today;  here’s this week’s weigh-in…

Numbers for this week:

Cards coming into the house:  49 (2 loose retail packs of 2012 Topps and my first Diamond Giveaway shipment)

Cards leaving the house:  0

Cards entering the collection:  0

Cards leaving the collection:  0

Cards moving from inbound to outbound without entering the collection:  0

To date:

Net change in the collection: -161

Net change to the # of cards in the house:  -3620