Certain Photos Just Beg To Have Customs Made Of Them

When I came up with my 2013 custom design, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find pictures where part of the player’s head or arm or bat came up enough to be in front of the team name while still leaving the name somewhat legible. Over the past few months I’ve sorta trained myself to look for photos that have that particular attribute… However, I never thought I’d have an opportunity to use a photo where the it’s the player’s foot that comes in front of the team name, so when I did come  across one, well, I just had to.
2013 TSR #432 Scott Diamond

Thank you, Scott Diamond.  Unfortunately, this custom may have been the only thing to work out for him this week, as he had a poor outing and got sent down to AAA.

The A’s recently had a throwback game against the Angels, and I can’t say enough about how nice a job was done to replicate the 1969 A’s uniforms.
2013 TSR #499 - Grant Balfour

It seems like they got a lot of details right, from the lack of an apostrophe-s on the jersey and hat logo, the MLB Centennial patch, and the green and yellow stirrups over the yellow sanitaries.

The Angels also wore throwbacks  which seem pretty accurate, but aren’t anywhere near as colorful as the A’s.  They do have the very cool halo on the hats, though… You can kinda sorta see it on the top of Trumbo’s cap.

2013 TSR #435 - Mark Trumbo