A Few Random Customs I Figured I’d Share

No real reason behind posting any of these, other than I felt like it.

I like the way this card turned out, and I’ve liked Rodrigo Lopez since he was an Oriole, but the Cubs unfortunately designated him for assignment back in April before I could post the image.  At this point in the season, it just doesn’t matter.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for photos involving throwback uniforms which would not be anachronistic on a 1974 Topps card, and here’s another one; like the Josh Hamilton card I’d featured a little while ago, this is from a Rangers 40th anniversary throwback game.

And finally… A week or two ago, I featured one of my custom cards in a cello wrapper. I got some comments asking what the card looks like without the “wrapper”, so here you go:

Seventy-Faux: Josh Hamilton double-throwback (Updated 2 hours later)

Update:  Oh, hell.  I meant to “save draft” and instead I published… and I hadn’t discovered what I’d done until 2 hours later.  At least I didn’t use my usual method of creating placeholder text, which is to type “blah blah blah”.

Well, I guess I might as well tell you what I was going to say… This photo is from one of the Rangers’ throwback nights celebrating their 40th anniversary, and I did a bunch of these customs featuring throwback uniforms on throwback cards.  This is one I’m particularly pleased with.

For what it’s worth, for these “Seventy-Faux” customs I re-created the whole card… Nothing on here is directly scanned from a 1974 card, save for the black “framework” of the borders & pennants, which was scanned, darkened, isolated, color-erasered, monochromed and all that other fun stuff.  The text is all Arial font and even the team names are re-created.  The colors are authentic Topps colors, but filled in using the HTML color code thingie. (i.e. Blue = #5094c7, red = #ed4139).

You’ll be seeing more of these, that is a threat.  Or a promise.  Depending on how you look at it.