Schadenfreude, Pure And Simple

That’s what drove me to turn on the TV and watch the Mets mathematically eliminate the Braves from Wild Card contention.

I mean, what’s a Mets fan to do?  I knew that the Braves’ “Tragic Number” was 2 going into Sunday.  I saw that the Pirates beat the Brewers, dropping the number to 1.  And I saw that the Mets had a 5-run lead going into the 9th inning of their game in Atlanta.

…So I turned on the Braves’ broadcast and I sat down to watch their season draw to a close.

1970 Topps Tommie Agee
(BTW, the Mets cards here are ones I recently picked up at a show.)

From the crowd at the game in the 9th inning, you would’ve thought the game was at CitiField.  Official attendance was over 35K, so most of the fans had already left.

And I sat there and watched the Braves’ thin postseason hopes fade away.




1992 Leaf Bret Saberhagen

…And let me tell you, it was a nice consolation prize.  Postseason would’ve been awesome.  A winning record would be great (still not mathematically impossible).  Having a better record than the Yankees would’ve been sweet too.

But being the team to knock out the Braves?  Yeah, I’ll take it.

1993 Toys R Us Todd Hundley

Turns out that there could be another consolation prize on the horizon.  The Mets find themselves a half-game behind the 2nd place Braves.  Dare I dream?

Some of you might be questioning why I would find joy in the misery of others, and to you I say:  “This is my 41st season as a Mets fan.  I’ve gotta take what I can get.”

2000 Upper Deck Roger Cedeno

Is anybody else out there enjoying their team’s role as a spoiler?