1976 SSPC: #319 Steve Swisher (Cubs)

1976 SSPC #319 Steve Swisher
Hi, I’m Steve Swisher!  You may remember me from…
A 9-year career with the Cubs, Cardinals and Padres, as well as being the father of current player Nick Swisher.

In 1976, Steve Swisher… had a career year in that he set career highs in games, hits, runs and RBI… not to mention being named to the N.L. All-Star team!

This card is… Interesting.  I like the reflection of the foul lines in his glasses.  And while I know this was S.O.P. for the Cubs at the time, I like the embroidered “C” patch on the helmet and the uniform # written in the middle of the “C”.

Betcha didn’t know… Steve Swisher was traded for Ron Santo, Rollie Fingers and Gene Tenace — not at the same time, and other players were involved.

Cardboard History: Steve Swisher collectors take note:  This may very well be the coolest Steve Swisher card in existence!

1976 SSPC #319 Steve Swisher back

Another favorite song from 1976:
Aerosmith’s “Rocks” album was one I knew well growing up because my older brother owned it and played it all the time. For some reason, I didn’t get my own copy until about 10 years ago when I bought the CD… and I’d instantly regretted waiting that long because I’d forgotten how great this album is. According to Wikipedia, “Last Child” made it up to #21 on the Billboard charts.