Off-Topic And Buying Time: My Bottom Ten Beatles Tracks

What are the 10 weakest Beatles tracks? That’s precisely the question I asked when I started pondering ways to write a quick post.

For the record, I’m limiting this to official releases through 1970. No “Free As A Bird” or “What’s The New Mary Jane” here.

1994 Topps John Franco

Revolution 9, from the album “The Beatles” (a.k.a. The White Album) – I can still remember the first time I heard this, I spent 8 minutes and 22 seconds waiting for the actual song to start… and then it was over.

Good Night, “The Beatles”  – As far as I’m concerned, the White Album ends with Paul’s little doodle after Cry Baby Cry:  “Can you take me back where I came from, can you take me back…”

The Inner Light, B-Side to “Lady Madonna” – I first heard this in the early 1980’s, when I found the 45 at a yard sale. When I got it home and listened to it, the disappointment was palpable.
1972 Topps Paul Schaal

Till There Was You, “With The Beatles” – A show tune? Really? Well, I guess they needed something to play for the Queen.

Honey Pie, “The Beatles” – I would be far from the first person to state that The White Album is a tremendously uneven effort.

Mr. Moonlight, “Beatles For Sale” – The song doesn’t live up to John’s introductory wail.

1980 Topps George Brett

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, “The Beatles” – Years ago, this song would’ve fared much better. It has not aged well.

Bad Boy, originally on the U.S. album “Beatles VI” – not a bad song, but a relatively weak effort.

I Wanna Be Your Man, “With The Beatles” – This Lennon/McCartney song was recorded and released by the Rolling Stones a few weeks before the Beatles version.

A Taste Of Honey, “Please Please Me” – Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I have to say that Herb’s version is far better. Heck, I even prefer the version by The Hassles, a Long Island “Blue-Eyed Soul” band from the 1960’s that featured a young Billy Joel.

1993 River Group Beatles Collection #145

Please note that some decidedly odd tracks like “Wild Honey Pie” or “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road” did not make the cut. Sue me, I like them….

…And I freakin’ love “You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)”!  Let’s hear it for Dennis! HA HEY!

So tell me I’m an idiot. Tell me I’m deranged. Tell me what Beatle-y travesty I missed while quickly whipping this post together.



“The Fire Brigade Once Got My Head Out Of Some Railings.”

“Did you want them to?”

“No.  I used to leave it there when I wasn’t using it for school.”
1964 Topps Beatles Color #47

The above dialogue from the Beatles’ movie “Help!” pretty much sums up my state of being over the past week.  I had a head cold which wasn’t much in the way of obvious symptoms – just a runny nose – but it severely limited my functional brain power, and what little I had got used up at work.

I’d come home and think “Well, I’ll write about that repack I bought”.

(Stares at screen)

“…or some cards I got at the last show…”

(Stares at screen)

“OK, fine, I’ll do something relatively mindless like work on a custom card.”

(Stares at screen)

So, rather than just posting something for the sake of posting, I took a couple of days off. Hope you didn’t miss me too badly.

1964 Topps Beatles Color #5

…and with that, I think I’ve used my my allotment of brain cells. I’ll have more interesting stuff over the weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy these Beatles cards from 1964.

1964 Topps Beatles Color #42

“…With cards like these, I could – dare I say it? – rule the world!”

1964 OPC Beatles B&W #2

2012 Topps Tracker Number Nine… Number Nine… Number Nine…

The subject line has nothing to do with anything, it just popped in my head when I was typing “Topps Tracker #9”.  Beatle-philes will know it as a reference to the Beatles track – I won’t call it a song –  “Revolution #9”, which includes someone repeatedly saying “Number nine… number nine…”.  If you play that part backwards, it sounds like “Turn me on, dead man… Turn me on, dead man” and was supposed to have been one of the clues to a covered-up death of Paul McCartney.  I find the “Paul is dead” clues to be fascinating, and there are so many of them that I don’t see how it can be a coincidence…  More likely John Lennon lashing out at Paul in a passive aggressive way.

To the left is the 2012 Topps card of Philip Humber, I don’t think I need to explain why he’s here.

2012 Topps Tracker time!  Since the last Topps Tracker I’ve bought two of the “Value Boxes” which includes 5 packs of Series One, Two hobby packs of Heritage and a super-duper nifty keen-o shiny card of guys for whom you already have 500 super-duper nifty keen-o shiny cards.

I’ve only opened 3 of the combined 10 Series One packs, so in my next Topps Tracker the card totals below will increase while the amount spent will not.

Oh, one other thing… I was surprised to find my local hobby shop had a value box for $1 cheaper than my local Target.  Keep that in mind, my droogies…

Money spent:  $97.96;  1 blaster, 7 hobby packs, 7 retail packs, 2 hanger packs, 2 “Value” blasters.

Base cards:  350

Minis: 10

Target Parallels:  13

Beerfractor parallels:  7

Manupatches:  1

Relics:  1

Code cards:  8

Other Inserts:  45

Base set progress:  236 cards (71.3% complete)
Mini set progress:  10 cards (20% complete)

1964 Beatles Card: Which song are they playing?

Other people have tried to determine the particular baseball game shown on a card, I’m going to try to guess the song being performed on this card:

1964 Beatles B&W Series 2, Card #73

The cards came out in 1964, but I don’t know when in 1964, so I don’t know if “A Hard Day’s Night” would be in play… but I’m going to say it is.

Both John and Paul are singing, but John is featured, so it’s a John song with Paul probably singing harmonies.  George isn’t singing, so it’s not a three-part harmony song like “This Boy”.  From the body language, I’ll say it’s a slower or mid-tempo song, so I’ll rule out “She Loves You”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Twist And Shout”.  Looks like a TV appearance, so they’re probably not doing an album track like “I’ll Cry Instead” or “I Call Your Name”.

Not sure about “I Feel Fine”… I think George is singing backup on that one.  Might also be too late a song to appear on this card.

…Could be “From Me To You” or “I Should’ve Known Better”…

If I remembered any of the guitar lessons I had when I was younger, I’d be able to tell what chord they’re playing, and that might give a clue to what song it is.

I don’t know, I’m tempted to go with “If I Fell”.  That song fits about as well as any other song.  Again, if these cards came out before or even simultaneous with A Hard Day’s Night, then this post a Fail, but I’m going with that song.

I’d love to hear anybody else’s take on this.  Are you seeing something I’m missing?  Have another song in mind?