Hooray For The Red, White And Blue!

I don’t often do holiday-themed posts, but it just so happens that I have several 1976 Kellogg’s cards and 1976 Hostess cards I’ve been wanting to share, and both have that Bicentennial red, white and blue thing going for it, so I figured “What the heck”.

1976 Hostess Lee May
Lee May had 354 homers and 1244 RBI over his 18 year career… In 1976 he lead the league with 109 RBI.

1976 Hostess Tom Grieve
Tom Grive was the 6th overall pick in the 1966 draft, but never established himself as a regular at any position.  In 1976 he played in 149 games, 96 as a DH.  He’s the father of former Major Leaguers Ben & Tim Grieve.

1976 Kelloggs Eric Soderholm
Eric Soderholm was the Twins starting third baseman in 1974 and 1975, but he missed all of 1976 with a knee injury.  He was the comeback player of the year in 1977, but that was after he’d joined the White Sox as a free agent.

1976 Kelloggs Marty Perez
Marty Perez split the season between the Braves and Giants, playing mostly at 2nd base.  He played for five teams over his career, including a 1-game stint with the Yankees at the beginning of 1977.

1976 Kelloggs Rick Wise
Rick Wise had a 19 win season in 1975 and a 19 loss season in 1978 (with the Indians).  In 1971, while with the Phillies, he hit two homers in the same game that he was no-hitting the Reds. 

1976 Hostess Graig Nettles
Graig Nettles lead the league with 32 homers in 1976, but it was the only year from 1975 to 1980 where Nettles was not an All-Star.  More notably, he’s a Yankee that this Mets fan doesn’t hate.  (Don’t tell anybody).

Hostess Card Of The Week: 1977 Tom Grieve

1977 Hostess Tom GrieveTom Grieve is a former player with the Senators/Rangers, Mets and Cardinals… but his playing career is only part of the story. There aren’t many people who have been associated with the Rangers as long as he has… He was drafted with the 6th overall pick by the Senators in 1966 and moved with the team to Texas in 1972. He was traded to the Mets in late 1977, in a 4-team deal involving the Rangers, Mets, Braves and Pirates that I wrote about 2 weeks ago. After brief stints with the Mets and Cardinals, he returned to the Ranger’s front office in the early 1980’s where he worked for a number of years, leading up to being the GM. After 10 years as the GM, he went to the TV booth, where he’s been the on-air analyst since 1995. He was the Rangers player of the year in 1976 (Batting .255 with 20 homers and 81 RBI) and is in the Rangers Hall Of Fame.

Tom’s two sons also played professionally; His son Ben was the second overall pick in the 1994 draft and was the 1998 AL Rookie Of The Year. Older son Tim was also drafted in 1994 by the Royals and never made it to the Majors… but did get on a Topps card.

Tom and Ben Grieve were the first father/son combination to both be drafted in the first round.

Can I just mention that I really hate the jersey on this card? There are a number of aesthetic ‘features’ that I can pick on, but the main thing is that I despise two-button pullovers like this. If you like the style of a button-down jersey, this is just a half-assed version of one… and if you don’t like button-down jerseys, then those two buttons are just there to taunt you and look tacky. And come on, let’s be honest. Would anybody ever button those up all the way? The top button is just ornamental, and there ain’t no button worse than an ornamental button.

…But I’ll freely admit that I’ve got an inexplicable thing against buttons.

Oh, as long as I’m off on tangents, I discovered something after last week’s Hostess card. I had wondered if I was unintentionally favoring certain teams over others, so I went through all my Hostess posts – nearly a year’s worth! – with the intention of featuring any teams that had been underrepresented. Not only did I find out that I’ve never featured a Ranger or Blue Jay, I also realized that I can’t feature a Blue Jay because out of the 200+ Hostess cards that I have, I don’t have a single Blue Jay. It’s not for lack of trying; I’m at a stage where I buy up any commons and affordable stars I come across. It’s just dumb luck, combined with the fact that the Jays didn’t exist for the first two Hostess sets. Sorry, Toronto, I’ll rectify that as soon as I can.

Just in case you were wondering, the most-represented teams in my Hostess posts are the Mets, Yankees and Braves with 4 each, while 7 teams were featured 3 times.

Mets Monday: Random oddball stuff and random thoughts

I’ve scanned a good number of Mets images and found that there are a bunch about which I don’t have much to say, so I figured I’d gather them together in a post.

I didn’t get this autograph in person, I got it from a dealer.  I figure there’s a good chance it’s authentic, because why would anyone fake a Tom Grieve autograph?

This is a Pacific Baseball Legends card;  I’m not sure which year, but does it really matter?  I like it when a “legends” set includes some lesser names;  I mean, unless you’re working on a player collection, how many Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax cards does one need?

I’m looking forward to this year’s sticker set, and I don’t know why.  Last year’s stickers are still sitting in a stack on my end table, because I can’t decide if I want to complete the set or just the teams/players I like, if I want to stick the stickers in the album or put the cards in albums, and so on.  Wishy-washy to the end.

I’ve always liked the 1991 Studio set, even though it’s not the type of set I usually like.  I’m a few cards away from completing it (and have spent more than a few dollars more than I really needed to on what amounts to a junk wax set)

I don’t have a scan of the regular Topps Jose Reyes card, but I got this Opening Day card because the photo is inexplicably different from that card, and the card is vertical instead of horizontal.  If anyone knows of a good resource on which Opening Day photos are different from the regular set’s photos, please let me know.

Despite the Mets awful Spring Training win-loss record, I’m champing at the bit waiting for the season to start.

Let’s go, Mets!