More Cards Featuring Automobiles, Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Today I want to feature some cards that have absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

I’ll start off the festivities with a 1961 Topps Sports Cars card of the Simca Plein Ciel; Simca was a French automobile.
1961 Topps Sports Cars Simca Plein Ciel
1961 Topps Sports Cars Simca back

This one is a 1976 Topps “Autos Of 1977” card of a Mercury Monarch Ghia. My first car was a 1976 Ford Granada, which was largely the same car, just with different grille, taillights and fewer options.
1976 Topps Autos Of 1977 Monarch Ghia
Looking back over 40 years, one can’t help but look at a lot of cars from the 1970’s and say “DAMN! Those things were boxy”.

I got this card on COMC back in the Spring, and before I even saw the back I said “Isn’t that John Lennon’s car???” (BTW, this is from the 1992 Pro Set “Guinness Book Of Records” set)
1992 Pro Set Guinness Biggest Deal For Old Wheels
I didn’t scan the back, but it describes how Lennon’s 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $2,229,000, which had been the record for the highest price paid for a used car before 1990.

And we wrap up with another 1961 Topps Sports Cars card…
1961 Topps Sports Cars Peerless GT
1961 Topps Sports Cars Peerless GT back
I find the cartoon on the back, about how jack rabbit starts burn lots of gas, to be interesting. I didn’t realize that anybody cared all that much about burning lots of gas in 1961. Wasn’t gas like 2 cents a gallon then? :-)

As of right now, I have shared all of my 1961 Sports Cars cards… But I do plan on looking for more at an upcoming show, as well as during the COMC Black Friday promotion.

Oh! Did I happen to mention the COMC Black Friday promotion just now? How fortuitous!

I will be *am* taking part in the COMC Black Friday promotion (it’s live NOW), and I have 200 new cards in my inventory as well. Among the highlights are rookie cards for John Elway, Wade Boggs and Ryne Sandberg… a chrome reprint of the 1989 Topps Traded Ken Griffey rookie (from my 2015 Topps Factory Set)… Plus lots more!

More information about my promotion tomorrow…

Happy Turkey Day!

2015 TSR: …One Last Pack…

The season is over, the offseason is underway with managers being hired, players being traded, free agents signing with new teams,  and so on.

It’s also time to open up one last pack of 2015 TSR before it gets put on the shelf for another year.  Work is already well under way for the TSR “Hot Stove” set, which is based on 1976 Kellogg’s and has some (hopefully) fun additions to it. I’m hoping to get the groundwork finished over the long Thanksgiving weekend, so hopefully the first “box” will hit the shelves shortly afterwards.

In addition, our team of graphic designers (built around that dynamic trio of me, myself and I) is hard at work on the 2016 design, which you’ll start to see next March.  This is the time of year when I start to panic over whether I’ll have a new design that I enjoy as much as I enjoyed the outgoing one, but I do have a couple of ideas with potential…

But that’s all in front of us.  Before we go, let’s open one more virtual wax pack of 2015 TSR…
2015 TSR Wrapper Series 4 thumb

I wish I’d worked more horizontal cards into the set, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Here’s one last one for the road…
2015 TSR #555 - Ruben Tejada

Nobody will be more surprised than me should Yoenis Cespedes re-sign with the Mets… So let’s take one last look at him in a Mets uniform.  The guy couldn’t have been more hot or cold during his time with the Mets, but he’s earned a special place in the hearts of Mets fans…
2015 TSR #550 - Yoenis Cespedes
…and you’ll very likely see him photoshopped into a new uniform in the upcoming “Hot Stove” set.

One last League Leaders card, just because I wanted to feature guys bunting.
2015 TSR LL-3 Sac Bunt Leaders Lindor Teheran

One more “Familiar Faces” insert, this one featuring former Met prospect Lastings Millege.
2015 TSR FF-2 Lastings Milledge
…And another type of card I wish I’d had the time and images with which to do more… Maybe next year.

And finally, I close out the set the way I’ve closed out the previous three sets… With some “Self portrait” cards…
2015 TSR #296 - Joe Shlabotnik Yankees
2015 TSR #315 - Joe Shlabotnik Phillies
2015 TSR #389 - Joe Shlabotnik Rangers

…And that’s a wrap!  Hope you all enjoyed this year’s set, and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s yet to come!

I Was Bored: 2015/16 NBA Hoops

I was in Target, I was bored and in need of packs to bust, I wanted something different, NBA Hoops is cheap, I said “What the heck”.
2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Wrapper
…Not that I know anything about the NBA… To show how little I know, I saw a guy in a Cavs jersey on the pack and assumed it was Lebron James (who I resent because his mom is my age and that just ain’t right). Just as I was wrapping up this post, I said “Wait a minute.. #2? That’s not Lebron”. According to the Cavliers’ roster, #2 is Kyrie Irving. It looks like Irving is a good player, but since we’re talking about a Panini product, I wonder if they meant to put him on the pack. Maybe someone can set me straight on that.

I’m amused that “10 NBA CARDS!” warrants an exclamation mark.

So here’s a base card… FYI, the part at the top that says “NBA HOOPS 15*16” is silver foil.  It’s an OK design.  I’ve certainly seen a whole lot worse.
2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Derrick Rose
Love the guy with the mohawk.  Love the guy in the background who’s uni # is zero.

This is my favorite card in the pack, I’m not entirely sure why.  I guess it’s the visual effect of a guy in a white uniform against a white background, but who knows.
2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Shane Larkin

If you read off the names of the players in my pack, mixed with random names, the only one I would be able to say “Yes!  He is a basketball player” is Tony Parker….
2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Tony Parker End 2 End
…But for me it’s more “He’s the guy who was married to Eva Longoria… and he’s a basketball player”.

That card was my insert, BTW.

We’ll wrap it up with a Denver Nuggets rookie who I thought was posing deep within the bowels of an arena… or perhaps the hallway at a nearby HVAC company…
2015-16 Panini NBA Hoops Emmanuel Mudiay
…But something didn’t look quite right.  Would they photoshop him in front of a cinder block wall? I looked on eBay and all of the rookies are against the same wall (in team colors). What the WHAT?!?  That’s an… interesting… design choice.

Those are the best of my “10 NBA CARDS!” Hopefully I’ve satisfied someone’s curiosity and spared them a couple of bucks.


As I mentioned in the last post, this blog is temporarily on “autopilot” while I take care of business, so to speak.

1975-76 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Dennis Patterson
1975-76 OPC Dennis Patterson

1978 Fleer Grand Slam Sticker
1978 Fleer Grand Slam Sticker Yankees

1971 Topps Tommie Reynolds
1971 Topps Tommie Reynolds

1972 Topps Reggie Smith
1972 Topps Reggie Smith

And we wrap up this autopilot post with the “title track”, which would be one of the very few songs I would put on a “Best of R.E.M., 1999 – 2011” compilation.

Any dissenting opinions?  Perhaps “Oh, My Heart”?  …Maybe “I’m Gonna DJ”?  “Mine Smell Like Honey”?  “Supernatural Superserious”?   Talk amongst yourselves…  Discuss.

Ladies And Gentleman, We’ve Activated The Autopilot

Over the past couple of months, I’ve done what I could to maintain at least an every-other-day schedule for The Shlabotnik Report… Unfortunately that’s turned into a losing battle, and it’s not going to improve until sometime next week.

The next two or three posts will get me back on the every-other-day schedule, but will be about nothing more than showing off cards, with maybe the occasional comment.

Appy polly loggies, my droogies.

1970 Kellogg’s Randy Hundley
1970 Kellogg's Randy Hundley

1978 Topps Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Card #60 – Steven Spielberg’s rookie card?
1978 Topps Close Encounters #60

1999 Just Rick Ankiel
1999 Just Rick Ankiel

2012 Bowman Prospects Francisco Lindor – I was mildly disappointed that Lindor didn’t win the Rookie Of the Year Award, but strong cases can be made for both him and Carlos Correa.
2012 Bowman Prospects Francisco Lindor

Working On A Puzzle

I recently moved two steps forward to completing my 1972 Topps New York Mets team set… Check out these two cards from the tough 6th Series…

First we have Hall-Of-Famer Rod Carew In Action…
1972 Topps Rod Carew IA

Then we have “good field, no hit” catcher and manager-to-be Pat Corrales.
1972 Topps Pat Corrales IA

I’ve been chasing down affordable copies of these cards for two years, and it’s a relief that I’m so close to finishing this ridiculously large Mets team set after all this—

What’s that?

No, no, I’m fine. I appreciate your concern for my mental health, but I do not need to get to a nearby urgent care facility.  Rod Carew and Pat Corrales most definitely belong in my Mets team set.

The reason why they belong has to do with what Topps refers to as “PUZZLE D”.

First I’ll show you the back of the Carew card, to give you the idea…
1972 Topps Rod Carew IA Seaver back

…and then Corrales.
1972 Topps Pat Corrales IA Seaver back
See?  “PUZZLE D” features Tom Seaver, and I’m including the puzzle as part of my Mets team set.  …So please put down the phone, you don’t need to call 911.

Here’s where my puzzle currently stands:
1972 Topps Puzzle D (Tom Seaver) Nov 2015
Once I pick up the remaining two puzzle pieces, I’ll be finally, FINALLY done with this 53-card (by my definition) team set.  Between the upcoming COMC Black Friday promotion, and a card show I plan on attending in December, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to show you the complete puzzle by the end of the year.