Sports Card Haiku

CommishBob of Five Tool Collector fame recently had a 100-word post that made me think of haiku (although it wasn’t meant that way… I don’t think).

…But I will gladly take inspiration from anywhere I can find it, so I figured I’d try some sports card haiku. I’m thinking that the Haiku Society of America will not be beating a path to my door.

Airbrushed Flyer guy
Red paint goes through the number
What is up with that?

Saw him with Akron
He looked pretty good out there
Trade for Brandon Moss

Say he’s with the Tigers
Red piping on a black cap?
You’re not fooling me.

A Golden Gopher
Winfield looking real bad-ass
Wish it were color.


Grich is clean-shaven
Is that the Eiffel Tower?
Card is not 3-D.

4 thoughts on “Sports Card Haiku

  1. You had me by knowing the rules for Haiku. The Winfield is cool. Sirois and Coleman are vintage but the definition of boring, though Sorois does have an intriguing face.

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