The Most Awesome Soccer Cards In The History Of Forever!!!

I got these cards at a show back in 2009, and my jaw nearly hit the ground when I saw them.

1975-76 Topps Scottish Footballers Jocky Scott

To be fair, these aren’t technically soccer cards, but rather 1975/76 Topps Footballer cards, specifically from the Scottish (blue back) set. For crass Americans like myself, they’re soccer cards… and completely incredible!

I can’t assume that every reader is from North America, so I’ll point out that these cards are incredible to me and other baseball card collectors because the design is the same as the one Topps used for 1975 Baseball, a set I grew up with and have images of all 660 cards permanently embedded in my brain cells.
1975 Ron Hodges
…Well, the designs are nearly the same except for the back… and the soccer ball and little footballer drawing… and the fact that instead of teams like “Yankees” or “Dodgers”, we’ve got “Partick Thistle”.  For most American and Canadian collectors, these cards might as well be from an alternate universe.
1975-76 Topps Scottish Footballers Frank Coulston

According to Nigel’s Web Space, which seems like a very informative site devoted to English and Scottish Football cards, this was Topps’ first entry into the Footballer market after taking over A&BC Gum in 1975.  There are 88 cards in the 1975 Scottish set, and 220 cards in the 1975 English set.  Both sets have identical designs, other than the English set having red backs instead of blue.

This was not the last time that Topps would use one of their American designs for UK Footballers… The 1977/78 Footballers set uses the 1976 baseball design, the 1978/79 set uses the 1977 Football (as in American Football) design, and the 1979/80 set uses the 1978 Football design.  I’d like to get some of those cards next;  It’d be fun to put a 1978/79 Footballer card next to a 1977 Topps Football card and a 1977 Topps Mexican card.

This card amuses my tiny, little mind because it looks sort of like Pat Gardner could be an extra from Star Trek.  “Phasers locked on target, captain…”
1975-76 Topps Scottish Footballers Pat Gardner

These two cards above are interesting because there isn’t a purple/red combination in 1975 baseball… In that set, purple got combined with pink and green, but never red.

For a full-on Scottish Footballer experience, here’s the front of Ian Sneddon’s card:
1975-76 Topps Scottish Footballers Ian Sneddon

…and here’s the back:
1975-76 Topps Scottish Footballers Sneddon Back

Ian Sneddon weighs 11 stone and likes nothing better than overlapping down the wing with his great speed and ability to cross accurately!  I can only guess what any of that means (well, other than knowing that 11 stone = 154 pounds).

15 thoughts on “The Most Awesome Soccer Cards In The History Of Forever!!!

  1. I knew Topps had football cards in UK but didn’t know it was so back then.
    It’s a bit strange to see those cards with football players but they look pretty nice!

    • I’d wondered if collectors in Europe (or elsewhere) knew that the designs that THEY were familiar with had been used elsewhere… That’s why I included an image of a 1975 baseball card, because I thought there might be someone in Scotland going “Wow, that’s bizarre!” :-)

  2. I just saw similar card for the first time at the Football museum in Manchester UK. The ones I saw were from 1960 – using the 1959 Topps design. I plan on posting on this down the road – maybe this will give me some incentive.

    • I searched eBay for “1960 A&BC” to see what you were talking about, and I also saw designs that reflected 1962 baseball and a 1960’s NFL set that I recognize but don’t know what year it is from. Interesting stuff…

  3. I love these – I’ve put together the English set from 1975-76 and am most of the way through the ’78. There are other designs you’d recognize as well, as Topps licensed designs to A&BC for years. 1960, for example, is 1959 baseball redone. 1963 uses the 1962 baseball design.

    Australian football cards do some of the same. 1980 Scanlens is 1979-80 hockey.

    • Thanks for the information, and the link.

      When I got these cards, I figured I’d just get a couple to have, but the more I look at them, the more I want to add to my Footballer collection. I think I’m on a dangerous path here!

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  5. I have 210 of the 220 cards in the 75-76 english set, about 100 of the 76/77 set (similar to 1976 baseball), as well as the full 1978 set in mint condition (similar in design to 1977 Topps American Football). The rarest of these sets is the 1979 set that is based on ’78 NFL set. Very tough to find. Love these old soccer cards, mostly because of the familar design and having gotten into EPL the last decade.

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