2016-17 TSR Hot Stove – I Bought Some Cereal On Sale (hint hint)

So I recently experienced some disappointment in the supermarket…

I’ve been eating Kellogg’s Product 19 much of my life.  I don’t eat it constantly, but it’s always been in the rotation.  A couple of months ago, I realized my usual supermarket stopped carrying it.  Annoying, but I’ll just add it to the list of things I get at another supermarket.  …And they didn’t have it.  Hey, there’s a new supermarket chain that just opened down the street a ways, maybe they’ll carry Product 19… and, no they don’t.

At this point, I was starting to get a little concerned.

I finally found the news on the Kellogg’s website;  Product 19 has been discontinued.  Well, poo.  Where am I going to get my fix of lightly-sweetened corn, oats, wheat and rice?

I went to the local Virt-U-L-Mart looking for something similar and I found this cereal on sale.  It’s not Product 19, but it’s close enough:


I’m not exactly a Prado fan, but I like him well enough because he’s a guy I saw play in the minors years ago.  It seemed to me that I hadn’t heard much about him lately, so what did he do in 2016?  Oh, not much… played in 153 games, batted .305 with 70 runs scored and 75 runs batted in.  Sheesh, talk about flying under the radar.  Outside of the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, it seems like all I ever hear about Miami baseball is Ichiro and “Marlins Man”.

One guy who certainly hasn’t flown under the radar is former first-round pick, five-time All-Star, five-time Cy-Young-vote-getter and throwback uniform saboteur Chris Sale.  In order to acquire this #1 starter, the Red Sox gave up four of their top prospects, including Yoan Moncada, considered by some to be the best prospect in all of baseball.

As the centerpiece of the biggest trade in a week of big trades, Chris Sale gets the Hot Stove treatment.
Will this end up being a steal for the Red Sox, or will it be an “Adam Jones, Chris Tillman and three others for Eric Bedard” trade? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

6 thoughts on “2016-17 TSR Hot Stove – I Bought Some Cereal On Sale (hint hint)

  1. Product 19 has been discontinued!?!?!?!?!?!?

    This was my brother’s go-to cereal when we were kids. I never liked it and thought it was odd that my younger brother was regularly eating a cereal that seemed to advertised with “old people” in mind, but he might be crushed by this news.

  2. I’ve legitimately never heard of or seen Product 19 – I guess it’s something regional? Hmmm.

    Also, sweet Sale; I truly wish I could pull these customs out of a real cereal box!

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