2018 TSR: Some Other Traded Guys And Some Other Asdrubals

Just like it’s fun when an update card set comes out and you can see players in new uniforms, I have fun when players start moving around and I can create customs representing players with new teams.

I’ll go straight to the weekly manager card this time, because it deals with some news which is still making its way out there…

This morning I went to look at the standings to see which team is hot, which is usually how I decide on the subject of the weekly manager custom. What I found instead was that Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Mike Scioscia is going to step down as Angels manager when his contract expires after this season.

After In almost every photo I found of Scioscia (aside from one where he was chatting with a former Tottenham Hotspur player about to throw out the first pitch at an Angels game), he looks extremely dour;  maybe he’s just had enough.

Scioscia’s first season as Angels manager was in 2000 when they were still the Anaheim Angels and wore those too-much-going-on “Disney” uniforms.  I was surprised when I was reminded of who Scioscia replaced as Angels manager… If you don’t remember, the answer’s at the bottom of this post.

Austin Jackson is technically with his third organization of 2018, but when he was traded by the Giants to the Rangers, the Texas front office told him not to report to the team. Sure enough, he was released by the team as soon as he cleared waivers. About two weeks later he was signed by the Mets, and he’s played pretty well for the Mets.

I’ve always wanted Austin Jackson to become a star because he’s a former Yankees prospect and I always like to see prospects they give up to do well (sadly, that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like). Jackson went to the Tigers in a three-team trade that also involved Max Scherzer, Curtis Granderson, Ian Kennedy and Edwin Jackson.

Brian Dozier was traded by the Twins to the Dodgers for Logan Forsythe and two minor leaguers.

I was going to do a Forsythe card as well, but couldn’t find a good photo (yet).

The Cubs acquired their second big-name former-Ranger pitcher when they traded for Cole Hamels.

Will this work out better than Yu Darvish has so far, or is this some sort of cosmic retribution for the Cubs trading Fergie Jenkins to Texas back in 1973?

The Red Sox lost Dustin Pedroia to injury after just three games, and they’ve been playing Eduardo Nunez, but decided to trade for the Angels’ Ian Kinsler… who was lost to injury after just three games.

Many Orioles fans were sad to see Jonathan Schoop join other players in heading out the door as part of a rebuild. For all the trades the Orioles made, the only name player coming back to the Orioles was Jonathan Villar.

I would say that a rebuild will be painful… but honestly, how can it get worse?

I spent too much time on other custom cards this week, so for the 1988 tribute we’ll feature an All-Star card of Manny Machado.  Yes, I know that’s two straight weeks of 1988-themed Machado customs.  Deal with it.

Let’s get into some Asdruba-mania!

The Adrubal that is most familiar to baseball fans is Asdrubal Cabrera, who was traded by the Mets to the Phillies for a pitching prospect.

I had never heard of the name Asdrubal before Cabrera, but it’s apparently not completely unusual.

I found out there’s also a Spanish soccer player who goes by just “Asdrubal”. He was in Australia playing for the Central Coast Mariners, but is now playing for a second division Spanish team.

The third Asdrubal I found was Asdrubal Sierra of the band Ozomatli; with all the talk lately about the 1991 ProSet Super Stars MusiCards, especially on Night Owl’s blog, I felt like i had to make a similar custom.

I became vaguely aware of Ozomatli about 10 years ago when I got a free download (probably through iTunes) of their song “Magnolia Soul”.  I liked the song well enough that, unlike most other free downloads, I still listen to it.

My main exposure to the band was when they did a stint as the house band on “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution”, which was on Comedy Central a few years ago and led to the song “Hey, It’s Fluffy!”

But me, I prefer a little sweet Magnolia Soul.


Late in the 1999 season, Terry Collins stepped down as the Angels manager and was temporarily replaced by bench coach Joe Maddon – Maddon’s second stint as interim Angels manager.

2 thoughts on “2018 TSR: Some Other Traded Guys And Some Other Asdrubals

  1. When I heard the O’s were getting Villar I figured it was a mistake…no way were they bringing in someone I’d actually heard of.

    Nice Manny, btw.

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