1980’s “Desert Island” Binder, Part 13: There A Rage In The Cage!

While writing the prior 1980’s “Desert Island” Binder post, I mentioned how much I enjoy cards where the players are shown in a batting cage, which gave me the idea of doing an entire virtual page of batting cage shots.  I’d already been thinking of doing thematic posts in this series, so it didn’t take me a whole lot of coaxing to do this.

While I’d already featured a few cards which fit this batting cage theme, I found 9 more cards – a full sheet’s worth – in my folder of “scans of cards I plan on featuring sooner or later”.

Quick recap for new readers: Because I’m fleeing to an uncharted desert island to evade the reach of THE POWERS THAT BE, all I’m able to bring with me are the bare essentials plus one binder worth of 1980’s baseball cards.

Because this post as a theme, and because I’m short on time, I’m sharing the cards without any comments on each one.

And now it’s time for the quick summary of where the fictional binder stands… I’m adding nine standard-sized cards, which brings the totals to…
Nine-pocket (standard sized): 10 sheets (86 cards)
Eight-pocket (1950’s sized): 1 sheet (3 cards)
Four-pocket (postcard sized): 1 sheet (2 cards)
Two-pocket (5″ x 7″): 1 sheet (2 cards)

Today’s playlist song is, appropriately enough, “Rage In The Cage” by the J. Geils Band. Not a lot to say about this song other than to mention that the “Freeze Frame” album by The J. Geils Band got a lot of play by me and my friends.

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