Dead Parrot Frankenset: February 2021 Edition

This is the latest in a series on an ongoing project, a “Dead Parrot” Frankenset which features cards of NHL and WHA teams which are no more, which have ceased to be (as in the line from the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch). The Frankenset consists of a binder containing 44 sheets and the goal is to have it filled with cards numbered from 1 to 396, with each slot filled with a card featuring a hockey team that has gone to meet its maker.

All of the challengers in this post were provided by Shoebox Legends and are presented in card # order

In fact, the first two cards are cards #1 and #2 from the same relatively recent set.  The challenger for slot #1, representing 2008-09 Fleer Ultra Hockey and the Atlanta Thrashers, is Ilya Kovalchuk!

Already in slot #1, representing the WHA’s Indianapolis Racers and 1990-91 Topps Hockey, it’s The Great One, Wayne Gretzky!

Even while the Gretzky card is an after-the-fact tribute card, it’s gonna be hard to displace Gretzky as an Indianapolis Racer, and Kovalchuk is not up to the task.


Next up, challenging for slot #2 and also representing 2008-09 Fleer Ultra Hockey and the Atlanta Thrashers, it’s Eric Perrin!

Defending Slot #2, representing 1994-95 O-Pee-Chee Premier Hockey and the Hartford Whalers, it’s Darren Turcotte!

This Turcotte card entered the Dead Parrot Binder back this past August, but at the time I said that it wouldn’t take much to dislodge this fairly generic card (which would be fine as part of a Whalers collection, but is a little uninteresting within this project). Add to that the fact that I have many Whalers but only a couple of Thrashers, and the decision is an easy one.


Our third challenger is for slot #64 and represents 1993-94 Upper Deck SP and the Hartford Whalers… it’s Chris Pronger!

There is no card currently in slot #64 so Pronger goes in unopposed… and completes Page 8!

I’m happy with this page, it has a pretty nice cross-section of teams in it.

The fourth challenger, which has slot #97 in its sights, is from the 2007-08 In The Game: Between The Pipes set. Representing the WHA’s Cincinnati Stingers, it’s Michel Dion!

I’ve loved the Stingers’ logo since I was a child, so this challenger is going to be hard to beat.

Currently in slot #97, representing 1995/96 Leaf and the Quebec Nordiques, it’s Jocelyn Thibault!

This Thibault entered the binder in the same August post as the Turcotte card earlier in this post, and I do like this card… but it’s going to meet the same fate as Turcotte.


…and the Challenger updates Page 11!

Here’s page 11 before…

…and Page 11 as it currently stands

Five WHA cards (including two different Stingers uniforms), a California Golden Seal and a Kansas City Scout… Not too shabby!  At some point I would like to do something about that 1995 Fleer card in the upper left, but I’ll worry about upgrades when I’m closer to filling all of the pages.

The final challenger is card #255 from the 1990/91 Upper Deck set. Representing the Quebec Nordiques, it’s Daniel Dore!

I didn’t remember Dore at all, so I looked him up… He was drafted 5th overall but played in just 17 NHL games, 16 of which came before this card was issued.  So much for that “Star Rookie” designation.

Holding down the #255 slot, representing 1990/91 Bowman and the Hartford Whalers, it’s Peter Sidorkiewicz

Sidorkiewicz is another recent addition to the binder, having entered this past October. At the time I waffled between this card and a different Upper Deck Nordique card, but I settled on the Bowman Whalers card. I’ve grown more comfortable with that choice, and to be honest if I were going to switch this card I’d go back to that original Joe Sakic card… but nothing of the sort is happening today.


And so, to wrap up…  We added a card to the binder and completed a page.  That puts us at 326 out of a possible 396 cards (82.3%) and 17 completed pages out of 44 total pages (38.6%).

The next time around I’m going to dip into some 1970s hockey cards I got at a show a year ago.

7 thoughts on “Dead Parrot Frankenset: February 2021 Edition

  1. At first I was thinking “hey that Kovalchuk card would be a beauty to start the binder”, just because he’s an under-rated NHL star and the Thrashers are about as obscure as it gets…then I saw that card of The Great One. Gotta say, I agree with every choice you made in this one.

    Those completed pages are looking SWEET!!!

  2. No one from the NHL Cleveland Barons? They started as the Golden Seals then relocated to Cleveland for couple of years then finally merging with Minnesota North Stars who are now the Dallas Stars. That would great if players from the same franchise wound up relocating with team as the team change locations & names.

    • I love to include Cleveland Barons in the binder, but they were around for such a short time that there are few cards to include. I don’t have any Barons in my stack of incoming cards, but I’ll try to remember to include some Barons in my next post.

  3. That Gretzky is really cool. I opened up a fair share of 1990-91 Topps, but never pulled that card (I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if I had).

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