2016 TSR: This Pack Has Miss Universe… What More Do You Need?

Talk about your hot pack…
2016 TSR wrapper series one

Look out, Mets fans! The pitching prospect who was traded for Yoenis Cespedes made his Major League debut this past week! Chickens are starting to come home to roost! (…says the many-times-bitten, twice-shy Mets fan).
2016 TSR #8 - Michael Fulmer
Fulmer pitched well, going 5 innings with 4 K’s and 2 ER’s.

When I was preparing for my fantasy baseball draft, I heard about Raisel Iglesias and how he had a string of 7 consecutive quality starts at the end of 2015, including 3 straight games with double-digit K’s. I thought about how I would swoop in and grab this stud from my unsuspecting opponents when I realized that the default rankings had him pretty high up, so there was no “stealing” him.
2016 TSR #56 - Raisel Iglesias
Then I heard he would be the opening day starter for the Reds, and I said “Where did this guy come from?”

…And it was the same answer I always get when I ask “Where did this guy come from?” He came from Cuba. He signed in 2014 and played only in the Arizona Fall League before making his MLB debut in 2015. I guess because he plays for the small-market, rebuilding Reds he flew completely under my radar. Oh, and I’m sorry, Reds fans… I had this custom ready to go today, and then found out he’s scratched from his scheduled start today.

My hat goes off to the Phillies, who swept the Nationals this week. Jeanmar Gomez got saves in all three games. Right now, the Phillies hold the honor of “Least disliked NL East opponent”, so hang on to that while you can, Phillies fans!
2016 TSR #57 - Jeanmar Gomez
As I’m a Mets fan, it’s obvious why I would regard the Nats with disdain. The Marlins are largely because of the people at the top of that classless organization, and even though the Braves suck right now, I despise their cash-grabbing ways when it comes to new ballparks, both at the top and at several minor league levels.

One reason for this Aaron Hicks card, and one reason only…
2016 TSR #58 - Aaron Hicks
…I found a Yankee Stadium photo that would work nicely as background, so I paired it up with a “Photo Day” image of Aaron Hicks.

Since opening day you’ve been teased with the promise of “Miscut parallels” on the wrapper. Well, the long international nightmare is over, we’ve finally pulled one!
2016 TSR #59 - Jayson Werth Vertical Miscut
You’ll notice it’s numbered to 999, that’s because it’s a vertical miscut, which is the most common. Horizontal miscuts are numbered to 99 and Horizontal *AND* Vertical miscuts are numbered to 9.

Go ahead and laugh, but last year I joked about “gum-stained parallels”, and the next thing I knew, Topps Heritage had gum-stained parallels. One never knows.

The reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, threw out the first pitch at a recent Mets game… Which gave me a lovely excuse to start my own First Pitch insert set.
2016 TSR CFP-1a Pia Wurtzbach
Ms. Wurtzbach is German-Filipino, in case you wondered about the mismatch between face and last name (as I did). She was born in Stuttgart and raised in the Philippines.

OK, one last card because I was finishing this post and felt guilty that I’ve only done one Oriole this year…
2016 TSR #75 - Manny Machado

When it comes to the Orioles, it seems like Chris Davis gets a lot of the attention, with Adam Jones not far behind.  Manny Machado doesn’t get the love he deserves.  No, he doesn’t hit quite as many homers or make the big money, but he hits his share of bombs and his other numbers are right up there with the other two, not to mention that he flashes the leather and doesn’t strike out anywhere near as much as Davis.  He also won’t turn 24 until July.

4 thoughts on “2016 TSR: This Pack Has Miss Universe… What More Do You Need?

  1. If miscut parallels become a real thing, I’m holding you personally responsible!

    Just kidding of course. Love that Hicks card and the Machado photo selection works wonderfully with the design.

  2. “Right now, the Phillies hold the honor of “Least disliked NL East opponent”, so hang on to that while you can, Phillies fans!”

    We’ll take it!

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