A Six-Month Old Giveaway From “Dime Boxes”

Back in November 2021… I think it was November, anyway, Nick from the always entertaining Dime Boxes blog had a giveaway to celebrate the blog’s 10th anniversary. Each time these were posted I always ended up being late and missing out on some of the cards I would’ve liked, but I did get four cards I truly wanted, so it’s all good.

First off, there’s this Swell Baseball Greats card of Johnny Podres with the Padres… Because I cannot resist the Podres/Padres combination.

You might ask yourself “Joe, if you love the Podres/Padres combo so much, how come I never see you featuring cards of 1950’s outfielder Dave Philley with the Phillies?” And the answer to that is a sincere “I don’t know, maybe I should…”

1981 Fleer Star Stickers always lead to a conflict between the head and the heart.

The heart says “These are cards from my 7th year of collecting and they generally have different photos than regular 1981 Fleer, what’s not to like?” and then the head says “We’ve been through this with 1981 Donruss; We’re trying to streamline the collection and you’ve already got 1,868 different cards from 1981, wouldn’t you be better off getting cards from another year?”

The heart counters with “…But it’s a different photo!” and the head just shakes it’s…. um… head.

1984 Fleer is one of those sets where I sometimes think “I really enjoyed this set back in the day, I should try to complete the entire — SQUIRREL!”

I am highly susceptible to Bright Shiny Objects Syndrome, but at least not as bad as I used to be.

I’m kinda sorta a Yoshi Tsutsugo collector, even while I wonder how long he can keep his job with the Pirates – THE PIRATES! – while batting below the Mendoza Line. (but he looked *SO GOOD* in the 2017 World Baseball Classic, maybe he’ll figure it out soon)

This lenticular card is labeled as “3-D”, but it’s really more Sportflics than Kellogg’s.

In addition, Sir Nick of the Dimeboxes sent me a bunch of other cards, not all of which I’ll get to today… but I’ll share some others.

Can’t complain about 1970’s Kellogg’s, especially when it’s Tom Terrific.  Honestly, I can’t complain about 1970’s Kellogg’s when it’s Bill Travers.

These Hostess cards amused me because the samey-same background is very similar to 21st Century Heritage. In this case, though, I don’t doubt that Al Bumbry and Mark Belanger were actually in that ballpark (Oakland Coliseum? I’m really bad at this sort of thing)

I’ve got this idea for a Broadway musical about a lonely Orioles shortstop who ends up faking a relationship with a teenager who had committed suicide… I’ll call it “Dear Ron Hansen” and……………… What’s that?  It’s been done?

I’ll wrap things up with a 1972 Kellogg’s card that I also can’t complain about.

There will be more cards from this batch once I’ve done the prerequisite scanning.

Thank you very much for the cards, Nick!

7 thoughts on “A Six-Month Old Giveaway From “Dime Boxes”

  1. Love the Tsutsugoh 3D card. The Baystars had a team issued set of 3D cards in 2016 and his card from that set would look great next to this one.

    Pretty sure that’s not the Oakland Coliseum in the background of those Hostess cards. I’d guess maybe County Stadium in Milwaukee but I could be wrong.

    • I probably shouldn’t even have guessed…. if it’s not Shea or Yankee Stadium, I’m generally lost.

      That’s a nice-looking Yoshi… I’ll definitely keep that in mind if my player collection spreads across the Pacific

  2. You’re very welcome, my friend! The world needs more Johnny Podres Padres cards. Not quite sure how I stumbled into a duplicate Kellogg’s Seaver, but I’m glad I was able to pass it on to a good home!

  3. That Podres Padres card is cool. I’m usually able to tell right away if a card features the Oakland Coliseum in the background. If those two Orioles photos were taken there, it’s from an angle I’m not familiar with.

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