2015 Opening Day: Topps Misled Me, Wrecked My Truck And Made Off With My Woman

Forgive me while I work on a stereotypical Country song about Topps Opening Day.  I may have taken some liberties in the part about my woman… and I’ve never owned a truck.

But I’ve been cheated… been mistreated… When will I love Topps Opening Day?

Last month, I speculated that this year’s Opening Day set might have different photos because the Yasiel Puig and Masahiro Tanaka cards highlighted in the promotional materials featured different photos than the ones used in the Topps flagship set.

On top of that, I conjectured, given that the flagship Topps only uses foil on the Topps logo, would they really make an Opening Day set where the only differences were the logos on the front and the card number on the back?

After buying some Opening Day yesterday, I can tell you that, sadly, the answer to that is generally “Yes”.

Yes, the Puig has a different photo… I even pulled the Puig to confirm that it’s a different photo.
2015 Topps Opening Day Yasiel Puig

But many of the other cards I got were pretty much the same as regular Topps, except for the things I mentioned before.
2015 Topps Opening Day vs Series 1 fronts

2015 Topps Opening Day vs Series 1 backs

So now that we know that 2015 Opening Day is just another Opening Day set, what does that get us?

Well, there’s always additional guys photoshopped into their new uniforms…
2015 Topps Opening Day Alfredo Simon

2015 Topps Opening Day Jeff Samaradzija

…And there are the inserts that are unique to Opening Day…
2015 Topps Opening Day Franchise Flashback Castro

2015 Topps Opening Day Hit The Dirt Kinsler

This one is interesting… it’s from an insert set where the photos were taken by fans.
2015 Topps Opening Day Stadium Scenes McKinnon

But on the whole, I can’t help but feel that Topps sold a bill of goods on this one.  They highlighted two of the cards that had different photos, implying that this was the norm rather than the exception.

Now If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go out back and drink my whiskey.


6 thoughts on “2015 Opening Day: Topps Misled Me, Wrecked My Truck And Made Off With My Woman

  1. I’ve never cared for the base Opening Day set. Nor the Upper Deck First Pitch clone. But Opening Day usually has at least one insert I’m interested in, and Stadium Scenes will definitely be one. I might go after more this year. The base set, though, continues to be a bore.

  2. I think you were the only one expecting all of the Opening Day cards to be different. My bigger disappointment is all of the inserts you showed in your post *also* look boring.

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